Wealth Management

International Market

Connecting you to markets worldwide

Operating from local markets, close to clients and investors, our team delivers a combination of structuring expertise, distribution power & strength tailored to client needs across a full product range.

The International Market is a goldmine when you consider the lucrative opportunities that high net worth clients can get in global markets for higher returns on their investment. Whether you are looking for convenient banking options, insurance buffers to protect your business or a global market to invest in while minimizing risks, you will need integrated financial planning that BrainEx is an expert at providing.

BrainEx offers their esteemed clients the facilities to trade in Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX). With this ,clients can buy and sell gold in units of 1 kilogram of gold (0.995 fineness) deliverable at DGCX approved vaults in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). By paying five per cent of the total value as margin money, clients can trade in gold.

BrainEx also has the presence in U.A. E. financial market and is successfully serving a large number of diversified client bases ranging from Europe, Asia & Middle East.