Investor Relation


Investor Relations and strategic communications are the two important factors which a corporate entity seeks for which we have a developed customized solution to address the needs of all listed corporate. We acknowledge the need of companies to not just exist in the market, but rather to seek assistance and take an active role in communicating to an investor base aware of their stock’s value. Our effective Investor Relation advisory allows the company to build a rich relationship with shareholders and investment community.

At BrainEx, we provide an advisory platform for creating communication tools that are informed by deep understanding of our client’s businesses, products and markets.

Strategic communication is another focus of all corporate for branding and creating their presence into the market. At BrainEx, WE provide an advisory platform and strategic viewpoint towards a company’s interaction with the media, industry analysts, customers and employees. A strong brand is an asset to a company that goes far beyond the actual sales figures. Thus it needs to be carefully nurtured and managed to yield maximum benefit. Our objective is:

  • To position a Corporate as one of the leading company in the country.
  • To create awareness about various aspects of Corporate that enhances the value perception of the company amongst its stakeholders.
  • To complement the marketing initiatives through higher visibility among the target groups.