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Valuation Models

Valuation is a process of estimating what something is worth. A valuation not only assists business owners in determining the value of their business, it also helps them maximize value when considering a sale, a merger, an acquisition, a joint venture or a strategic partnership. At BrainEx, we provide a sophisticated business valuation advisory to clients in determining the value of their enterprise or the one they plan to purchase. This formal process analyzes a company by utilizing different valuation methods (eventually using one, or a combination of several) to arrive at a fair market value.

We work closely with the management to evaluate historical financial data and assist the company thoroughly to prepare an accurate projection of future performance. An understanding of what the company has done, as well as what it will be able to do, is instrumental in determining the value of the business.

Our dedicated valuation team with their extensive experience and research focus will help you in quantifying the real worth of your business.

Our services includes:
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» Purchase price Allocation
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