Investment Banking

Mergers & Acquistions

Various business strategies are put into action in order to ensure the steady and sustainable growth of a company. Mergers and Acquisitions is just one part of the whole scheme which allows the corporate finance and management sector to buy, sell, divide and even combine different companies to help such an enterprise to grow successfully. . In such cases, one doesn’t need to depend on other joint ventures like child entities or subsidiaries to make a dent in profit making avenues.

At BrainEx, we provide a complete range of corporate advisory and transaction support services under one roof. The services include mergers & acquisitions, strategic planning, restructuring, takeover, and valuation Business and Assets turnaround, buyback. We aim to become the leading M&A advisory firm that provide support and opportunities locally and internationally for clients buying & selling companies as well as financing, corporate restructurings and other corporate finance transactions.

Our local knowledge about markets and opportunities helps acquirers to analyse the right acquisition target and to approach the target's shareholders in the appropriate manner to negotiate the transaction, taking into account customs of the respective country. However, to be successful, any proposed transaction requires an experienced, independent advisory team which identifies and addresses the risks and opportunities of a transaction and which understands these divergent markets, the challenges faced in achieving a successful outcome, and has the required experience to lock-in the correct value.

Capital Markets Advisory and Equity Underwriting

We serve as an independent, objective advisor in financing situations, with expertise across the entire spectrum of capital structure decisions, including private placements of debt or equity. BrainEx also helps companies raise capital through public offerings of equity and equity-linked securities, including IPOs and follow-on offerings.