BrainEx is well-positioned to extend a smorgasbord of services across all verticals in finance, each of which is supported by professionalism and research. BrainEx spans the entire spectrum of financial services right from Wealth Management, Institutional Advisory, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking Services and Real Estate Advisory. The effort is to optimize the offerings through Research based advice backed by domain & analytical expertise, each customized to customer’s investment horizon, return expectation & risk appetite. We aim to consistently outperform our stated benchmarks through pursuing stable, predictable, absolute returns.

Today's uncertainty racks the ever-changing financial world of the corporates. If the Changing tax laws does not disrupt , a vulnerable economy, weak governance and the constant changes have forever altered the financial landscape. It has left decision makers wondering about the next step in this uncertain world. BrainEx strives to offer consistent results, solid advice and personalized service on the basis of extensive deep and wide research.

Unlike other financial services firms, we approach these issues with a research and a due process that gives a solid foundation to our offerings and advice. The needs-based approach analyzes and emphasizes unique situation of each client. Custom- tailored solutions specific to each company is then offered. BrainEx operates on the belief of constant communication, to gauge every need and supports it with superior client service.

We offer value-based multi service offerings with deep industry experience to help you capture sustainable results at different stages of dynamic business lifecycle.

Our Services:

» Wealth Management
» Corporate Finance
» Investment Banking
» Investor Relation
» Real-Estate Advisory