Investor Relation

Investor Relations Approach

The Investor relations approach would involve using different communication platforms that would be leveraged to reach out to the target audience. While the tactical approach would be to break down the communications based on the platforms that will be used, the communication would eventually converge to fulfil the overall objectives of the investor relations campaign.

Based on this approach, the following communications platforms will be utilized:
1. Corporate
2. Concepts around animation
3. Products Categories/ Industry

Tactical Approach:

1. Corporate
This particular platform will be used to deliver overall enterprise level messages and would center around creating the desired imagery of the company. The messages that would be delivered would include:
» Company’s growth story in India
» Future strategy and growth plans of Company in India
» Company’s favorably poised to become the largest player in the animation market in India
» Quarterly and annual results of the company
» Profiling of the management (would include soft interest personality based messaging as well)
» Partnerships and Joint Ventures
» Investments
» Hiring and expansion plans
» Customer wins
» Human Resources Strategies and Policies
» Supplier strategies
» Company’s perspective on the specific industry

2. Industry Growth
This platform will be used to create market awareness around the growth of animation industry. This will serve the purpose of demonstrating thought leadership in this segment

3. Products Categories/ Industry
This platform will be used to specifically create awareness about the products and subsequent positioning of Corporates in industry stories. The messages/ story ideas based on this platform may include
» Size of the industry in market and Corporate’s readiness to address this market
» Trends in the specific industry
» Demand drivers